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In 1846 German Hubert Underberg first offered his unique product in Germany after many years of perfecting his formula. Underberg’s herbal digestive aid was soon marketed in many countries, where it calmed the digestive fires in thousands upon thousands of stomachs. For more than 150 years, this natural European remedy has been used to ease indigestion. Used after holiday indulgences, or for less uncomfortable cases of indigestion, it puts out the fire of an upset stomach and makes you feel so much better.

The recipe for Underberg bitters contains aromatic herbs gathered from 43 different countries and has been closely guarded by the Underberg family. The formula today is personally prepared for its customers by fourth and fifth generation members of the Underberg family. Enjoy these exceptional bitters and then collect all the bottle tops. Once you have collected enough Underberg bottle tops, simply fill in the loyalty form and send them in. To redeem your caps for prizes, click here for the form.

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When is bitter better? When your belly is on fire, and you wish you hadn’t eaten everything, or even anything. Bitter is better if you reach for Underberg’s herbal bitters.

Causes of digestive disturbances arise from more than over-indulgence, but for simple cases of indigestion arising from overeating, nothing can beat Underberg bitters. Its herbs aid indigestion and offer a refreshing alternative to over-the-counter or prescription drugs, many of which come with unwanted and unnecessary side effects.

When you first experience Underberg bitters, don’t expect a syrupy, sweet-tasting liquid from Underberg’s herbal concoction. If you do, you will be in for quite a surprise. The flavor can best be described as intensely herbal with a hint of licorice and a bit of fire. The fire is the herbal ingredients working to quell your digestive discomfort.

A short time after consuming Underberg bitters, you will begin to feel it working to put out the fire in your belly. Before long, you will forget all about the discomfort you felt from overeating. Underberg’s wonderful digestive remedy is packaged in single serving containers for quick and easy use when your belly catches fire and you want a quick way to put the fire out. Its’ single-sized portions are available in a wide variety of sizes, ready for use in times of digestive distress, ranging from 3 bottles per package to 120 bottles per case.